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Publisher of nautical books and designs by Claudia Myatt

Log Book For Children

First published in 2004, the second edition of this popular log book for young crew is now available.

A4 spiral bound £9.99

Big Log Book for Little Ships

A4 log book with a flexible layout, plenty of space for adding photos and notes, as well as traditional navigation. Weather you're cruising up a creek or across an ocean, this is the log book you need.

Spiral bound £9.99

Little Log Book for Little Ships

A5 log book for small ships with a sense of adventure but not much space! Similar layout to the A4 book, with space for photos, narrative and navigation.

Spiral bound £6.99

Buttercup's Diary

This one is just for fun - the true adventures of Claudia's intrepid West Wight scow and her incompetent skipper.

A5 £3.99